Apple is one of the largest providers of consumer electronics in the world, and since the advent of the iPhone in 2007, the world’s most successful smartphone, Apple has gone from strength to strength and is consistently ranked as one of the most successful companies in the world.

With a line of market-leading products and business-grade services, Apple helpline offers an exceptional level of customer service across all of their products. They consistently rank as having one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings measured by Net Promotor Score. You can get in touch with the Apple customer services department by calling the contact number below. Apple customer service is open Weekdays 8am-8pm and Weekends 9am-6pm.

Apple Phone Number:

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Apple Support UK

The majority of users that contact Apple support will need help and device support. Whether this is help with one of the many iOS devices that are now in the market, or with the hugely successful Mac OS operating system, it offers first-class customer support in resolving their users’ issues and offering technical support to help customers make the most of their devices.

For training and support queries, or for updates on your order, simply call the Apple contact number at the top of the page to speak to the contact centre team.

The telephone support may even come free if you’re one of the AppleCare customers

Apple Warranty and Cover

The company provides all of its products with a limited one-year warranty which will help protect you if there is a hardware defect, or if a manufacturing fault occurs with your device. This is for faults only and doesn’t cover any accidental damage. This will include screen smashing, liquid damage etc.

If you purchased your device in the UK, then you are eligible for the six year limited warranty, which would include a replacement of your device for six years after the date you purchased the item.

For more information on these warranty plans, check the website or give the team at the top of the page a call.

Apple Products

Apple iPhone

The most successful range of smartphones in the world, the launch of the original iPhone in 2007 heralded a new way of communicating. The first generation iPhone was then succeeded by the iPhone 3G, which was the first iPhone to offer full support to the ‘App Store’, a marketplace of small applications available for download to iPhone users across the world. The iPhone 3G was also the first to offer 3G connectivity, boosting browsing and download speeds.

After the incremental update that was the iPhone 3GS, Apple revolutionised the smartphone world again with the introduction of the iPhone 4 in 2010. This first brought the ‘retina display’ to the market, a high resolution touch screen display that rivalled the definition of some televisions and made the difference between printed text and colour display virtually unnoticeable.

Then followed various form changes including the iPhone 5, and iPhone 6 with their yearly updates. The latest model, the water resistant iPhone 7 was released in September 2016 and made the headlines after the company decided to completely remove the headphone jack.

For help using your iPhone, to buy an iPhone, or if you want to take advantage of Apple’s ‘upgrade every year’ plan, then contact Apple UK support team at the top of the page a call.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad was the first tablet computer to make the world take notice of what this new form factor could achieve. Rumoured for a long time, the iPad was finally released in 2010 to much fanfare – something that accompanies all Apple product launches.

Apple has since refreshed the iPad on an almost two-yearly basis with updated features such as the same Retina Display that made its way to the iPhone 4, along with a faster processer and dedicated graphics chip.

Apple also released a smaller, more versatile version in the iPad mini. This smaller screen lent itself to a lot more customers and the popularity of the device boomed.

However, for those looking for a professional version of one of Apple’s flagship product, Apple designed and released the Apple iPad pro a few years later. The iPad pro comes as large as 12.9-inch screen size, and can be bundled with the Apple Pencil for increased productivity.

Apple iCloud

One of Apple’s biggest software launches was iCloud, which replaced Apple’s flailing MobileMe service in 2011.

The service lets users store contacts, calendar information, photos, apps, music and more in a cloud storage solution, and then sync this data across multiple devices. Using this technology, a user can expect to take a photo on their iPhone and have this appear almost instantaneously on their iPad or MacBook device.

As part of this service, which the company offers for free, is the ability to back up your iOS device to the cloud for easy restoration when you upgrade your phone or tablet. This will mean you get to keep the important data and happy memories secure and backed up.

If you are looking for support using your iCloud, or if you need help logging in, then give the customer support team a call on the telephone number at the top of this page.

Please note, if your phone has been lost or stolen, the Find My iPhone app will help you locate it, however Apple can’t do anything to help you retrieve it. You must contact your local police department to report the crime.


AppleCare is a premium support product that you can buy from Apple at the same time as purchasing any of their products, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and any computer from their Mac line. The AppleCare product comes with technical support for the device over the phone, along with extended warranty on their products. The cover starts from day one of owning your device.

You should check how long your extended warranty will cover before you purchase your AppleCare plan.

If you’re looking to get some help with your AppleCare purchase, or if you’re looking for some device support, then give the contact centre a team on the number at the top of the page.