One of the most recognisable companies in the whole of the UK, British Telecom is responsible for home landlines, broadband, television and mobile phones for millions of customers all over the country.

With so many products, BT has a dedicated customer service team trained to deal with all aspects of your enquiry. The best way to speak with them is to give them a call on the BT telephone number below. BT customer service is open Weekdays 8:00am-9:00pm and Sat 8:00am-8:00pm Sun 9:00am-6:00pm.

BT Phone Number:

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BT has over 30% of all of the UK’s broadband customers and almost 40% of landline customers. With this massive amount of users, you can expect the customer services centre to get busy. There a number of common fixes that you can use to fix your problem if you can’t contact the support.

Common BT Customer Service Queries

Common landline faults with BT

If you find that you’re not able to make calls using your home landline, this could be down to a number of different issues. The most common reason for a landline to stop working is that the account has been suspended due to non-payment of your bill. If you call the BT contact number, they will be able to take payment or set up a payment plan to ensure that your line is connected. You will usually still hear a dial tone when you pick up the handset.

If you don’t hear a dial tone when you lift your telephone to make a call, then this sounds more like a line fault than an issue with your account.

What you need to do is check whether or not the phone is plugged into the master telephone socket in your house. If there is still no dial tone, you should be able to unscrew the front housing of the connection box and use the test port to check whether or not the line is working.

If you still have no luck, you’ll need to call BT customer service number at the top of the page, or check the website for information about service outages or potential issues in your area.

Common broadband faults with BT

The most common faults with the Broadband service, on both standard broadband and Infinity, can be fixed by a simple restart of your Home Hub router.

If you’re not that lucky, then the various status indicator lights on the front of your router will tell you where the problem lies.

If you’ve just restarted and your router light is green or flashing green then don’t worry, your router is just starting up. It will stay a solid blue colour for 20 seconds when it’s finished setting up.

If the light has turned solid blue and you can’t access the internet, then you will need to check your internet settings to make sure you are connecting to the right router.

If it’s an orange power light that you have, then check the other lights that appear on the lower part of the router. This may indicate another problem.

If it’s red, then you don’t have an active broadband connection. If you restart the router and it still doesn’t work, trigger the reset button on the back of the device with a small paperclip or pin. If after this, you still don’t have an internet connection then it’s worth calling the broadband contact number to see if there are any problems in your area.

BT Products and Services

BT Infinity

Infinity from BT is British Telecom’s fibre-optic broadband service provided in the UK for consumers and businesses. The speeds can reach as high as 300mbp/s on the highest package, however as with all of the other providers, the speed will vary based on location as well as package.

When you take out a new broadband connection with BT, the Infinity team will be able to give you a guaranteed minimum broadband speed when you sign up. They will also be able to give you a suggested upload speed that you can check by visiting the speed checker website.

BT Sport

The company also introduced BT Sport to ramp up its television offering in 2014, and made huge waves in the market when it outbid Sky TV for the exclusive rights to show UEFA Champions League coverage in the UK.

The Company initially offered this channel for free to its Broadband customers in contract, however now they have adjusted this so that you have to be a TV customer to receive the £6.75 per month discount on the Sport package.

As soon as you are approaching the end of your minimum term contract, you will be able to ‘opt-in’ again and resign a minimum commitment to continue receiving the Sport discount.

Complaints with BT

One of the biggest problems that the company faces is its ever increasing number of complaints that get raised against the communications provider. According to Ofcom, it has the most complaints for its broadband service per 100,000 customers in the UK. In the last quarter, it received 26 complaints for every 100k customers.

These complaints stem from a whole host of issues, including broadband faults, pricing errors and problems getting connected.

Takeover of EE

In early 2016, it has completed its takeover of EE, to bring a mobile solution to its package for the first time since it sold its share in O2. EE has the UK’s most-advanced fourth-generation network and this serves over a third of the UK’s mobile customers.

The takeover cements BT’s position as the largest communications provider in the UK and has now brought EE’s 28 million customers in under the BT umbrella.

The company is now a quad-play provider and has solutions to rival Virgin Media and TalkTalk. It aims to sell you all four main communication methods. These include home broadband, your landline, mobile phone and television.

BT Openreach

As well as offering these services to consumers, a subsidiary of it looks after all of the networking and cabling in the UK to make sure businesses and customers of other companies can also be connected. They provide support for these services under the brand of Openreach, although they have a different contact team.