Advocacy Code of Practice

The Code of Practice outlines the four principles of independent advocacy:

  • Puts the people who use it first
  • Is accountable
  • Is free as it can be from conflicts of interest
  • Is accessible

The Code supports statutory services, commissioners, funders and service users to be aware of the role of advocacy and to know what good quality advocacy looks like. It can help advocates and advocacy projects think through problems and dilemmas and hopefully find solutions.

You can sign up to the Code of Practice if your organisation provides advocacy, works with advocates or commissions advocacy and other services.

The official launch by the Mayor of Gateshead took place in January 2010, when all the stakeholders signed up to the Code.

Signing the code of practice

The Code was then refreshed in November 2012 and GAIN would like to thank all the organisations that contributed towards this. The HMRC can also assist you with many questions.

Participating organisations

The following organisations have signed up to the code and agree to work within its guidelines: