eBay is the biggest online auction sites in the world, and with an online marketplace in over 30 countries, it’s not hard to see why this company has one of the busiest websites on the internet.

With many different departments ranging from everyday items to motors, the eBay customer services departments are all trained to deal with the most commonly raised user enquiries.

The online customer service and support team can be reached on the telephone number below. eBay customer service is open Monday – Sunday 24Hrs.

Ebay Phone Number:

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Sellers of items on eBay get an experience similar to a normal auction house. They can sell items and set up a reserve price, which means the item won’t sell until it reaches a certain value of bids. This is typically around £40.

Buyers need to be aware that when they bid on an item online, they are legally obliged to purchase the item if the bid is successful. You are able to pay for items using PayPal, and if you do then you’ll be covered by eBay’s Money Back Guarantee.

eBay Customer Service

Returning something you’ve bought on eBay

If an item you’ve purchased comes with a returns policy, contact eBay UK customer service at their website and click the ‘Return an Item’ link. Alternatively, give the eBay helpline team a call.

You’ll be able to explain your reason for wanting to return the item, as well as the opportunity to upload some supporting pictures of the item.

The available options for returning something will vary depending on the seller’s stated returns policy, as well as how long you have had the item and what the reason for the return is.

The seller of the item will normally issue the refund within 5-6 working days of receiving the item you have returned. It could then take an additional 3-5 working days for the money to appear back into your bank account. It could take as long as 30 days depending on what sort of payment method you used.

It’s also worth noting that your purchase could be protected by the Money Back Guarantee.

If when you receive the item you discover that it is not how you expected, or if there is a fault with the item, then you need to contact the seller directly to establish what they are prepared to do about it. If you do not receive a response from the seller, call the eBay UK contact number at the top of this page and they will open a dispute for you.

If eBay can’t reach the seller either, then this should trigger the eBay Buyer Protection policy. If you used eBay’s preferred PayPal method of payment, then the company should refund the amount paid into your PayPal account, which can then be transferred back to your account.

If eBay decides you are not eligible for a refund, you can appeal the decision by giving the eBay customer service UK team a call quoting your reference number and order number from the website.

Buying fake items on eBay

If you suspect that a purchase you have made through the auction site to be counterfeit or fraudulent, you need to call eBay UK contact number immediately with all of the details from the transaction. This will include the order number, the seller’s ID, the buyer’s ID and date and time of the purchase. You may also need some photos ready to send to eBay.

If you completed payment for your item through PayPal, then you will be covered by the Money Back Guarantee as detailed above.

The eBay support line is open seven days a week and they have staff specially trained to spot fraudulent activity, dodgy goods and common scams.

How do I cancel a bid that I have made?

If you make a bid on an auction item, then you are legally obligated to follow through with the purchase of the item if you win the auction. However, if there is more than 12 hours to go on the item, then you may be able to withdraw your bid under some specific circumstances.

If you made a bid and input the wrong number, for example £100 instead of £10, then you will be able to cancel your bid and bid again.

If the description or photos of the item change significantly after you have placed your bid, then you will be entitled to withdraw this through the auction website.

Lastly, if you’re not able to get in touch with the seller to discuss the item, you could be entitled to retract your offer.

If there is less than 12 hours left, then you’ll need to get in touch with the seller to ask them to cancel the bid. This is at the seller’s discretion and they are the only ones able to cancel your bid.

I haven’t received my item yet!

If you’ve yet to receive an item you’ve ordered in the post, then your first course of action must be to contact the seller directly to get an update on delivery. It may also be worth checking with your local post office to see if there are any delays in your area.

If your item doesn’t turn up, then your purchase will be guaranteed by the Buyer protection policy, including any postage fees that you have paid. If you then can’t resolve this with the seller, then you will need to call their phone number and raise a dispute over your order.

This company work extremely quickly after being contacted and will often have the money back with you in 48 hours, depending on the response from the seller of the item.

eBay Resolution Centre

The eBay Resolution Centre is an online resource for both buyers and sellers. The site will give you the answers to frequently asked questions such as a buyer not receiving payments, mutually agreeing to stop a transaction, and receiving an item that doesn’t match the description.

For more information or for some help understanding what to do next, then give the team a call on the number at the top of the page.