EE is the largest mobile network operator in the UK. With over 28 million customers after it merged together Orange and T-Mobile, it has the largest customer base of any of the mobile operators in the UK. EE customer service is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

With so many customers, you can expect EE to have a dedicated customer support service. You can reach the EE customer services department on the telephone number below.

EE Phone Number:

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Who is EE?

EE, also known as Everything Everywhere, was formed after a merger between T-Mobile and Orange. The two brands merged and became the largest mobile network in the UK with an estimated 28 million customers.

The merger set in motion the start of 4G revolution as EE kick-started widespread 4G coverage across the United Kingdom.

Common EE Customer Service Questions

I’m with EE, can I upgrade my phone?

EE lets customers upgrade when they have successfully completed the first six months of any contract. This means that you may have to pay an upgrade fee as you will have a significant portion of your minimum term left. Pay monthly SIM-only contracts will let you upgrade to a handset just three months into your contract.

To find out for sure if you’re eligible for an upgrade, or how much it will be for you to upgrade to one of the latest and greatest phones, call EE contact number on the helpline number at the top of the page.

Of course you will be able to keep your existing EE number when you upgrade. If you’re moving onto an EE contract for the first time since they merged T-Mobile and Orange, don’t worry as you will still be able to keep your telephone number.

Can I upgrade my EE phone?

Possibly. Not all EE phones can be upgraded and others can only be upgraded if certain requirements are met.

To find out if your phone is eligible for an upgrade, go to the website and log in to your online account or call EE support.

On your ‘My EE’ account, you should be able to review details of your contract as well as your upgrade status.

You can also find out more about upgrades by contacting the EE customer service team.

As a customer, you are more likely to be due an upgrade towards the end of your phone contract. Keep in mind, your account may need to be free of debt to be eligible for an upgrade.

If you are not due an upgrade, you may still be able to arrange an upgrade by paying off the outstanding cost of your full phone contract.

To find out more about organising an upgrade ahead of time, contact the EE customer service team.

Is there a way to make calls without signal?

Yes. Many phones have a ‘WiFi Calling’ function which allows users to make calls via WiFi.

To use this function, you will need to turn on WiFi Calling in your phone’s settings – set-up instructions for most devices can be found on the website.

Once you have set up WiFi Calling, you should be able to make calls and send texts without using your usual phone signal, as long as you are connected to WiFi.

However, it’s important to note that the service is not free, calls and texts may be deducted from your allowance or credit.

Please note: Not all contracts and devices allow for WiFi Calling – you may need a certain phone or account type, such as corporate, small business or Pay Monthly.

Is there a way to manage my phone bill online?

Yes. Go to the website and click the ‘Log In / Register’ link to register for an online account.

Once you have created an account, you should be able to view and manage your bills online. You can also manage your bill by using the ‘My EE App’ – simply download the app to your device and log in with your usual login details.

How can I set up my phone for use abroad?

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, your phone should be ready for use abroad, otherwise known as ‘roaming’, at any time. However, it may cost more for the services while you are abroad, so you will need to make sure that you have enough phone credit for services.

If you are a Pay Monthly customer, you may need to set up roaming manually – this can be done simply by sending a text.

At the time of writing, customers are recommended to send the word ROAMING to the number 150.

If your phone is ready to roam already, you should receive a text from the company confirming this.

If your phone is not ready to roam yet, it should send you a text with instructions on how to set up roaming. EE warns that roaming set-up can take up to 24 hours, so it’s a good idea to arrange roaming in advance of your trip.

If you are roaming outside of the EU, you may also need to purchase a ‘Roaming Data Add-On’ to avoid expensive charges for using the internet while abroad.
Please note: Service costs will vary depending on the country that you are visiting – make sure to check prices before you go.

Can EE devices be unlocked to use with another network provider?

Yes. Both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers can request their phone to be unlocked.

To make a request to unlock your phone, simply fill in the ‘Unlock Device’ form on the website.

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, you can often have your phone unlocked immediately, free of charge.

However, as a Pay Monthly customer, you may be required to have had your phone locked to EE for up to six months before it can be unlocked and you may be charged an unlocking fee.

The same rules for Pay Monthly customers usually apply to small business account holders too.

Please note: Non-EE customers possessing an EE device may not be able to use the online form to request the device to be unlocked. Instead, they will usually need to contact the customer service team by phone.

My EE device has been lost/stolen – what should I do?

If your device is lost or stolen, contact the EE customer service team to report this. Once EE knows about your situation, they should be able to add a password to the device or block it, to avoid unwanted charges and access to your details.

Furthermore, it may be able to send you a replacement SIM card.

Please note: If you do not report your device as lost or stolen, you could be charged for any services used on your account while the device is not password-protected or blocked.

How can I block certain content on my child’s EE device?

EE customers can block inappropriate content on their children’s devices by updating the settings on their account.

At the time of writing, parents can choose to block online content that is marked as ‘18+’ or online content that is marked above ‘PG’.

If you are a Pay Monthly customer, you can block content by logging in to your online account. If you are a Pay As You Go customer, you can block content by calling the EE customer service team.

What accessible devices does EE offer to people with disabilities?

EE has a handful of devices that are accessible for people who are blind, deaf, hard of hearing, visually impaired or who have limited dexterity. To find out more about devices available at the moment, get in touch with the EE customer service team.

EE WiFi Calling

The Company has developed and offers WiFi calling as one of its features. This is a massive step forward for customers that can’t necessarily get signal in their home or place of business. Using WiFi calling, your telephone signal is converted into data, and can be transmitted using any wireless internet connection.

WiFi calling is compatible with the iPhone 5C and later versions of iPhone, including the iPhone 7, along with various different Android models.

You don’t need to do anything special to set up WiFi calling. All you need to do is connect to your normal WiFi network and it will take it from there. Clever stuff! If you need assistance contact EE customer service number.

EE Coverage

EE claims to have the largest coverage of any UK mobile network provider, and it estimates that it will cover up to 99.8% of the population in 2020. At the moment, 97% of the population is covered by 4G, with over two-thirds of the UK’s land is covered by a 4G signal. It’s minimum target is 95%.

If you’re having trouble connecting, call the EE helpline on the number at the top.

Added Extras

With all new contracts you will have the opportunity to add on a number of different features including six months of Apple Music, the new audio streaming service from Apple. You will also have the chance to watch BT Sport as part of your 4G mobile data plan.

Give the EE telephone number a call on the number at the top of the page to add these great extras to your account.