HMRC Revenue and Customs Contact Number

There are many reasons as to why you may need to call the HMRC contact number. The fastest and most convenient way to contact HMRC is through telephone. HMRC customer service is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and Sunday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

HMRC Phone Number:

*Calls to 0844 numbers cost 7p/min + your phone company’s access charge. This is a call connection service, the official phone numbers can be found in the public domain at no cost or on the official website. We are not affiliated or associated with any of the government agencies or companies listed on the site, trademarks are property of their respective owners.

Understandably HMRC is one of the busiest lines in the UK, where advisors receive 60 million calls per year. The best time to call HMRC is before 10am Monday-Friday where you can experience less lengthy waiting times.

The team at the HMRC helpline are exceptionally trained and therefore can deal with all types of queries that come their way. However, you should gather all relevant documents and information relating to your inquiry prior to making the call as this will help the advisor speed up the process of answering your query.

If you try to call and find that the lines are extremely busy and you have access to a computer you will most likely be able to find information relating to your query online at

What is HMRC and how can it help me?

This company was formed in April 2005 by the merger of Inland Revenue and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise. It is a non-ministerial UK Government Department that is responsible for collection of al taxes, payment of some state support benefits and the administration of other regulatory regimes including the national minimum wage.

Below is a list of some of the most popular reasons people contact HMRC:

  • Tax enquiries

    – many people call the HMRC telephone number to deal with tax enquiries. For example, if you believe you have paid too much tax, an advisor will be able to assist with your inquiry and advise you about how to claim excess tax payments back through tax returns.

  • Tax credits

    – If your income status changes and you find you are on a lower income then previously; you can call HMRC tax helpline to inquire about any tax benefits you may be eligible for. You can also contact HMRC to inquire about pre-existing tax credit payments.

  • National Insurance number

    – If you require a NI number and are new to the UK, you should call the HM Revenue and Customs number, where an advisor will take some details and advise further about other relevant information to you.

  • Change of address or personal details

    – If you change your address or any other personal details, you should contact HMRC to ensure that all correspondence is sent to the correct address in the future.

  • Employment

    – If you are an employer and need information regarding minimum wage payments or other information such as VAT you should contact HMRC, where an advisor will be able to assist you.

If you would like to know if HMRC can assist you with your inquiry call their general contact telephone number above, where an advisor will be able to give you further information regarding your inquiry.


Can I register for an HMRC account online?

Yes. Go to the website and click the ‘Log In’ link. On the following page, follow the ‘New User’ link and choose whether you would like to register an account for an ‘Individual’ or an ‘Organisation’.

You should then be invited to create your online account log in details. After this, you should be given a unique ‘ID’. HMRC warns that users will not be sent a confirmation of the ID they are given, so it’s important to save the ID somewhere safe.

After you have created your online account and received your ID, HMRC should send you an ‘Activation Code’ by post. Once you have received the code, you can follow the Activation Code instructions to fully activate your online HMRC account.

Please note: Your Activation Code may have an expiry date – make sure to use it before it expires. If you require additional assistance call the HMRC number on this page.

What should I do if I forget my online account log in details?

Go to the website and follow the ‘Sign In’ link, as usual. On this page, follow the relevant link to retrieve your User ID, password, or both. On the following page, enter the required information to retrieve or reset your account details.

I’m an agent – how can I use HMRC to act on behalf of my client?

Agents can use HMRC online services on behalf of their clients by using the ‘Agent Authorisation Online Service’. Go to the website, log in to your online account, click the ‘Your Services’ link and then click ‘Authorise Client’.

On the following page, enter the required information about your client. HMRC should then send your client an ‘Authorisation Code’ – you can use this code to authorise your account to be paired with theirs.

You should now be able to use your online account to act on behalf of your client, including making changes to their business’ address, contact details and trade name.

Please note: Your Authorisation Code may expire – make sure to use it before the expiry date. If you require additional assistance contact HM Revenue and Customs contact number.

As an agent, how can I make changes for my client?

Once you have used the ‘Agent Authorisation Online Service’, you can make changes on behalf of your client via your online HMRC account.

Simply go to the website, log in to your account, click on the PAYE service relevant to your client and then click ‘About Your Client’.

On the following page, you should be able to submit a number of changes on behalf of your client.

How can I register for Pension Schemes Online?

If you are a Scheme Administrator or Practitioner, you should be able to register for Pension Schemes Online using the Pension Schemes Online website and the website. Start by going to the Pension Schemes Online website and pre-registering for the service.

You should then be provided with a ‘User ID’ and sent an ‘Activation Code’ by post. Once you have received both, go to the website and register for a Pension Schemes Online account.

Please note: If you are the Scheme Administrator, you are responsible for the schemes’ taxes. If you need further assistance call the HM Revenue and Customs phone number.

I’ve lost my Pension Schemes Online User ID/Activation Token – what next?

How to retrieve a lost User ID depends on the stage of registration you have reached.

If you have registered for Pension Schemes Online on the website, you can view your User ID on the ‘Pension Schemes’ page of your account or by using the ‘Forgotten User ID’ link on the account ‘Log In’ page.

If you have only reached the pre-registration stage on the Pension Schemes Online website, you should contact the Pension Schemes Online team in order to retrieve your User ID.

Unfortunately, lost Activation Tokens cannot be reissued. However, you can request an ‘Activation Code’ from the HMRC customer service team which can also be used to activate a Pension Schemes Online account. If you have recently registered for a new online service on the website, you may be sent an Activation Code automatically.

I want to register for Self Assessment Tax Returns – can I do it online?

Yes. First, you will need to register for a Government Gateway account on the government website.

Once you have registered, you should be provided with a User ID onscreen and an Activation Code by post. Keep in mind, you may not receive a confirmation of your User ID, so you may want to write it down.

When you are in receipt of both your User ID and Activation Code, go to the website and click the ‘Register For and File Self Assessment Tax Returns’ link. Fill in the online form, create your log in details and submit the information.

You should then be able to use the log in details to sign in to your online Self Assessment account and submit tax returns. Call the HM Revenue and customs telephone number for additional support.

What options are there for submitting a Self Assessment Tax Return?

If you are a Self Assessment user, you can submit your tax return by post or via your online account. To submit a tax return online, simply log in to your online account and follow the relevant links to submit a new your tax return.

You should be invited to fill in an online tax return form and submit it to HMRC. Before you do this, you should make sure you have details of your income, expenses and other tax-related information to hand.

Once a tax return has been submitted, users should also be able to pay their taxes and any outstanding bills via their online account.

To submit a Self Assessment Tax Return by post, you will need to request a Self Assessment Tax Return form from HMRC or print one out at home. Fill in all relevant details on the form and post the completed paperwork to the address stated on the form.

Please note: Self Assessment Tax Returns have a deadline. If you don’t submit your tax return or you submit it after the deadline, you may be subject to a fine. Keep in mind, the deadline for tax returns submitted by post is different to the deadline for those submitted online.

Further contact details

Postal address:

Write to HMRC at this address for all Income Tax queries except complaints. You don’t need to include a street name, city name or PO box when writing to this address.

Pay as You Earn and Self-Assessment

HM Revenue and Customs
United Kingdom

Currently there is no email address for HMRC.

HMRC recent news/updates/services

HMRC Online services

HMRC offer efficient online services which give you easy access to information regarding tax, employment and so on. After registering through the website- you will be able to save time through completing forms such as tax returns online in easy steps through your HMRC online accounts.

Through your online personal tax account, you can:

  • Sign in to your personal tax account instead to:

  • Check your tax code and PAYE Income Tax estimate

  • Manage a personal tax return if you aren’t self-employed

Through your HMRC online account you can access the following services:

  • Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing

  • Charities Online

  • Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

  • Corporation Tax

  • EC Sales List (ECSL)

  • Employment Intermediaries

  • Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS)

  • Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

  • Gambling Tax Service

  • Import Control System (ICS)

  • Machine Games Duty

  • New Computerised Transit System (NCTS)

  • Notification of Vehicles Online (NOVA)

  • PAYE for employers

  • Pensions Schemes Online

  • Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS)

  • Reverse Charge Sales List

  • Self-Assessment

  • Shared Workspace

  • Stamp Taxes

  • VAT

  • VAT EU Refunds

  • VAT Mini One Stop Shop (VAT MOSS)

Renew tax credits online quickly and conveniently

HMRC’s online services allow you to renew your tax credits quickly and conveniently from home. When customers want to renew a claim they are required to inform HMRC of any changes in circumstances which may include a change of work hours, childcare costs or income and personal information such as address changes. HMRC’s online system allows customers to do this online at :

HMRC’s statistics show the online service was extremely popular in 2015 with more than 750,000 people choosing to renew online and of those 750,00, 90% claimed that they were very satisfied with the service.

Nick Lodge, HMRC’s Director General, Benefits and Credits, said:

“Our online service means that you can renew at any time of the day or night, and on any device, without having to call us. Online help can also answer most queries you may have and a web chat facility will be available to support people renewing online. We urge everyone who can to go online. Our customers should check their details and renew early to ensure they get the right money. The sooner people renew their claim, the sooner we can check payments are correct, meaning we avoid paying too little money, or too much, which claimants then have to pay back.”

Business tax information

You can access further help online if you’re a business owner and would like to learn more about VAT. HMRC have released a number of online services which aim to educate you about VAT in business, you can choose to subscribe to business emails from HMRC to assist you with VAT.

As well as regular emails you can also choose to access HMRC’s informative videos on YouTube which aim to help with aspects such as VAT recording.

An interesting and extremely useful service provided by HMRC is their online webinars with last for up to an hour, webinars are an online presentation hosted by a HMRC expert who presents information and give you the opportunity to ask questions related to VAT.

The webinars offered are aimed at business owners who recently registered for VAT or who are about to register soon.

To find out more information visit:

To access further news relating to HMRC and most recent documents you can visit: