T-Mobile was one of the biggest mobile network operators in the UK, and still has services in some areas after its merger with Orange in 2009.

Whilst a lot of T-Mobile’s customers will now find themselves on EE, you can still contact T-Mobile customer services number by dialling the customer number below. The T-Mobile phone number is open 7 Days 8:00am-10:00pm.

T-Mobile Phone Number:

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Who is T-Mobile?

T-Mobile started life as One2One in the UK and offered pay as you go and pay monthly services to customers from retail stores and over the phone. In 2002, the network was renamed as T-Mobile to match its US counterpart, which continues to be one of the most prominent mobile networks in the United States.

In 2009, it was merged with Orange, another of the UK’s mobile networks and this union was later renamed as Everything Everywhere. The partnership made Everything Everywhere the UK’s largest mobile network operator, eclipsing services offered by both O2 and Vodafone.

EE continued to operate Orange and T-Mobile as separate brands until March 2014 when the website was shut down in favour of the EE brand. T-Mobile shops up and down the UK were closed and re-opened as EE Retail stores, whilst customers were migrated over to the equivalent EE plan where applicable.

Some customers remain on T-Mobile tariffs where it has not been economically viable to move them across. However, it is likely that when it is time to upgrade, these customers will become customers under the EE brand.

EE has since been purchased by British Telecom, so it is unclear whether this will have any effect on T-Mobile UK customers when the time comes to upgrade.

Moving from T-Mobile to EE

You will be able to switch directly to EE if you are a T-Mobile contract customer by calling the customer services team or by upgrading online. If you have less than 30 days left to run on your existing contract, then you will be able to upgrade immediately.

If you upgrade your phone in one of the EE Retail stores, the sales advisor will be able to assist you in migrating all of the data, including your contacts, from your sim card to your new EE one. They will also be able to assist in the understanding of your final invoice from the company, which may be in credit depending on how much longer you had left of your contract. You can call T-Mobile contact number to find out more.

Why switch to EE from T-Mobile?

There are many reasons to make the switch to EE. The fastest, biggest mobile network operator is able to offer its ‘free boost’ service, which will reward you with extra texts, minutes or data each month for free. You’ll also be eligible for free 4G data if you have a superfast enabled 4G handset.

If you had a Smart Pack when you were with the company, this will be replaced by Everything packs, Talk and Text pack and Data pack now that you are on EE. These are very similar and the sales advisor will be able to explain the differences to you if you’re stuck.

Alternatively, give the T-Mobile contact number at the top of the page a call and the contact centre will be able to help you understand.