UKVI Contact Number

The easiest way to contact UK Visas and Immigration is by calling the expert helpline team on the telephone number below. They are also able to help by webchat or via email, but the quickest method by far is to call the contact centre. UKVI helpline is open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

UKVI Phone Number:

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The UKVI customer services team is prepared to answer a whole host of your questions, as you could have many reasons to call. You may wish to contact UKVI to ask about visa information, or you might need to know whether or not you need a Visa if you want to move to the United Kingdom. The team can help you with all of the most frequently answered questions, from how long you can stay in the UK with a Standard Visitor Visa, to how much it costs to come and join your family if you need medical care.

Who are UK Visas and Immigration?

UKVI is one of the busiest departments in Her Majesty’s Government, and it is tasked with making millions of decisions each year on who can live and work in the UK. In these recent times of national security, there is a lot of pressure on UKVI to make sure that these are the right decisions.

UK Visas and Immigration falls under the remit of the Home Office, and its main responsibilities are to run the UK’s visa programme. The department receives upwards of 3 million applications to live and work in the UK each year from overseas. A portion of these visas are also for students that want to come and study in the UK.

The agency also decides on applications of British citizenship, from foreign nationals who wish to move and stay in the United Kingdom.

The UKVI also manages the register of sponsors from employers in the UK and universities who wish to sponsor foreign workers.

Last but not least, the department also looks after the schemes offering help to those who are seeking asylum from foreign countries after the Geneva Convention.

The most common reason for needing to contact UK Visas and Immigration customer services is to request a visa so you can stay in the UK. Make sure you have all of the relevant documentation to hand before you call the helpline number at the top of the page.

There are many types of visa available to suit different types of foreign nationals.

Student visas

You can typically apply for a student visa and study in the UK as long as you’re over the age of 16. You must also have been offered a place at a university, and are able to write, understand, read and speak English. You may come from any country that’s not in the European Economic Area (or Switzerland). You can begin to apply 90 days before you are due to start the course.

Once your visa has been approved, you will be able to study in the UK, and work as a sabbatical officer in your student union. You’re also able to find a job, depending on what sort of course you are on.

You won’t be able to work in certain jobs, or receive benefits or financial assistance. You will be able to apply to have your visa extended.

It costs £328 to apply for a student visa, and you can arrive in the UK up to 1 week before a short course lasting up to 6 months, or a month before a longer course.

Family visas

If you have family in the UK that you would like to join permanently, then you’ll need to have a ‘family of a settled person’ visa. You’re again eligible if you’re from outside the European Economic Area (or Switzerland).

You can apply if your family member is either a British citizen, a foreign national living in the UK, or a national that has asylum.

If you’re successful, you can obtain a visa to join your partner, parents or your children in the UK. You can also come to be given specialist care and support. Decisions usually take up to 12 weeks on whether or not your application has been accepted.

The fee to apply for this starts at £1,195 to join your family members. If you need care this rises to £2,676. You won’t be able to claim any benefits while you are in the United Kingdom.

Standard visitor visa

If you want to visit the UK for a short period of time, you’re best off with a Standard Visitor visa. This will let you visit the UK for a holiday, meet with friends and family, for business etc.

Whilst you’re here on a Standard Visitor visa, you can undertake certain business activities, or study for up to one month. You’re not allowed to do any work, claim any benefits, or get married. You can apply a maximum of 3 months before your intended visit date.

The length of stay is usually six months, however there are circumstances in which you may be able to stay longer. For example, if you’re having medical treatment or you’re here on a research project then this could be up to a year. This visa costs £87 for six months.

Transit visa

Another type of Visa that you might need is known as a Transit Visa, and this will let you enter a country with the sole objective of travelling onwards to another country. You must prove that you have the intention and enough money to successfully reach your specified destination.

There are two types of transit visa. Those for travellers who are expected to leave the airport (for example to travel to another airport and therefore must go through UK border control), and those for travellers who will not leave the airport.

If you’re planning to leave the airport, then the fee for the Visa is £59. The fee is otherwise £32.

If you need any help or advice in choosing the right Visa to apply for, or if you don’t understand some of the differences in the Visas that are available, then call the UK Visas and Immigration contact number above and speak to the helpful team at the office.